A few months back I heard a singer being interviewed on TV. I’d spent the morning prior to the interview watching back-to-back episodes of the TV show Hoarders. To me, there is nothing that gets me in the cleaning mode like watching someone else kick their way into their own living room.

So naturally, I was knee deep in my closet behind a pile of shoes I hadn’t worn in ten years and a stack of size 4 pants I finally realized was never going to happen, when Hoarders ended and an interview program began.

At first I didn’t pay any attention because, to be honest, I was taking advantage of the acoustics in my closet and singing like a feral cat. When I finally got sick of my own voice, which unfortunately took longer than you’d think, I heard a portion of the interview.

The interviewer, whose name I missed, was questioning an artist, whose name I missed, about his work ethic. He asked how he was able to drive foreword at such a fever of energy without knowing if he’d ever be discovered.

The artist’s answer was simple, yet brilliant.
He said, “You can’t sing a song that ain’t been written.”

Those words have stuck in my brain ever since. You can’t sing a song that ain’t been written. And so goes with my books. I can write book after book, hoping for success, yet never knowing which, if any, will be the one to open the door for me.

Having said that, it’s time for me to go. As much as I’d like to spend the day in my happy blog land, there is much work to be done. After all … you can’t read a book that ain’t been written.

**If anyone finds out the name of this artist, please pass it my way. Thanks! -Colleen


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