Ladies (ladies, ladies) and gentlemen (gentlemen, gentlemen)—prepare yourselves. Today is the official book release of GREY by Christi J. Whitney.

This YA urban fantasy yanks you out of your normal existence and drops you smack dab into an atmospheric world dripping with ancient superstitions, Outcast Gypsies, dark secrets, and forbidden love.

GREY is the first novel in the ROMANY OUTCAST SERIES now available at the following locations: HarperCollinsUK, AmazonUK, Amazon, and B&N.

Enjoy the trailer. Then go check it out for yourself! 


Ring Ring

I’ve always envisioned the big moments in my life as being loud, like fireworks on the fourth. But, as I recently discovered, some of the things you most desire happen so softy—so delicately, you can barely believe they’re real.

Four weeks ago, I sat in the audience at the SCBWI conference with my dreams in my chest, listening to the inspiring words of uber-agent, Karen Grencik, of Red Fox Literary as she shared her experiences in the industry.

As she spoke, I kept thinking to myself, Someday … someday.

Upon return home, I edited my manuscript, crossed my fingers, and hit enter. Then I waited but not for long. The next day—full request. A week later, an email that literally brought me to my knees. And then … The Call.

You know the one. The call that sent me sprinting through my neighborhood like an injured deer. The call that had me gushing happy tears until I flooded my contacts. The call I’ve heard others talk about for so long.

Only this time it was from Karen. And this time it was for me.

For the past two weeks, I’ve sat quietly taking it all in. Spinning in surreal circles. Walking around in a dreamlike state. Feeling stunned. Feeling grateful.

Sometimes angels come to us in our dreams, sometimes at an SCBWI conference. And now, with my manuscript in great hands, it’s on to the next project!


I am not good at keeping secrets. I don’t like them. I can’t deal with them, but sometimes secrets are necessary and must be kept just that, a secret–especially if they are not mine to share.

A while back, my amazing critique group and I found out that one of our own earned a three-book deal with a major publishing company. We were told the news and then asked not to say a word. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

We waited, and we held our collective breath, and we tried not to completely geep out and spill the beans to everyone we saw. But recently all that changed. The ban was lifted–our permission granted.

And so now people of the world, get ready. You are about to experience a shift in vision. Your minds shall open to new levels. Your world, as you know it, will never be the same.

Get ready for what is to become an underground explosion of epic proportions. Get ready for GREY, no not that one. Get ready for GREY by Christi J. Whitney, the first novel in a YA trilogy about secret clans, unleashed powers, underworlds, gypsies, and here it comes … gargoyles.

This literary experience will leave you breathless and wanting more. So get the wings out, the adventure is about to begin!

To see more check out this link from the Jill Corcoran Literary Agency and then scroll over to the recent deals page.

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